Aldox Profile: Durable and Versatile Material

Aldox profile is a durable and versatile material obtained by combining aluminum and oxygen. This profile has a wide range of applications in the construction sector. The strength and oxidation resistance of aluminum make Aldox profiles preferred in many areas such as facade claddings, shutter and roller shutter systems, furniture production, and industrial structures. Additionally, its lightweight structure makes it easy to transport and install. Aldox profile is an ideal choice for users seeking durability and aesthetic appeal.

Aldox Profile: Innovation and Sustainability

Aldox profiles stand out with innovative production techniques and sustainable material options. Low energy consumption and a low carbon footprint during the production process minimize the environmental impact of Aldox profiles. Moreover, Aldox profiles obtained from recyclable materials reduce waste, contributing to the conservation of natural resources. With these features, Aldox profiles play a significant role in reducing environmental impact and adhering to sustainability principles in modern construction projects.