What is an Automatic Shutter and How Does It Work?

An automatic shutter is a motorized system made of metal or plastic slats used to cover openings such as doors and windows. Automatic shutters can be operated by remote control, key control, or button. The advantages of automatic shutters include security, thermal insulation, sound insulation, aesthetics, and convenience.

What to Consider When Choosing an Automatic Shutter?

When choosing an automatic shutter, factors such as the dimensions of the space to be used, the required level of security, preferred color and model, budget, and quality should be taken into account. The quality of automatic shutters is determined by factors such as the type, thickness, and durability of the material used, the power and lifespan of the motor, the functionality of the control system, and the warranty period. When purchasing automatic shutters, it is important to work with a reliable company and take advantage of installation and maintenance services.