What is a Spiral Fire Door and How Does It Work?

A spiral fire door is a type of door used to prevent the spread of fire inside or outside a building during a fire. It has a metal body and can be opened and closed thanks to a motor located at the bottom of the door. Spiral fire doors can be activated by fire detectors or manually. When fire detectors detect a fire, the door automatically closes. Alternatively, the door can be closed manually by pressing a button located next to it or using a remote control. Spiral fire doors are made of fire-resistant materials and provide protection at different levels depending on the temperature and duration of the fire. They are commonly used in industrial areas, warehouses, garages, or shopping malls.

What are the Advantages of a Spiral Fire Door?

  • High Fire Resistance: The biggest advantage of a spiral fire door is its high resistance to fire. It prevents the spread of fire, reducing the risk of loss of life and property.
  • Space-saving: Spiral fire doors save space because they move vertically when opening and closing, occupying minimal space horizontally. This makes them suitable for both narrow and wide areas.
  • Aesthetic Appearance: Spiral fire doors can be produced in different colors and patterns to match the building’s architecture, providing an aesthetic appearance.
  • Easy Maintenance: Spiral fire doors require easy maintenance and repair.
  • Durability: Spiral fire doors are long-lasting and durable.